“I’ve been working with Lucy now for three months and in that time my page audience has grown on both Facebook and Linked In. I’ve been able to reach out to more people, have had more traffic on my website and more email requests for information about the services I provide. Lucy has been amazing!

I don’t always have much time left over after the day to day responsibilities of running a busy therapy practice to think about social media yet I know how important it is for company growth.

The fact that Lucy is a therapist and understands the way that we work, what’s important to families and just gets what you want to share makes the process super easy for me! The resources she has made are awesome! Detailed and service specific, they really capture what I value as a therapist and so I cannot thank Lucy enough for all her efforts.

It’s really worth having someone on board my social media who thinks and does like a therapist.”

This client wanted an increase in awareness and interest, more traffic to their website leading to more clients using their services 

“Lucy is an absolute pleasure to work with due to her commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism and strong work ethic. She has creativity in abundance when it comes to posting on social media platforms while her knowledge of speech and language therapy enables appropriate clinical content too. If you are looking for some help managing all things social media related I highly recommend Lucy.”

This client had no existing social media profile but now has a steadily increasing number of active followers and significant engagement which has enhanced their profile

Working with Lucy has been a breath of fresh air – I literally feel that I can breathe again! Running my own business, seeing clients, doing my own social media left me no down time – which was the point of setting up my own business, ironically!

Lucy has given me time back, where I would spend evenings posting and commenting on social media, I have that time to read a book, take a walk – she’s given me my work/life balance back.

Lucy is professional, intuitive and I have total confidence in her to manage my social media and present my business as I want it to be.

I would highly recommend Lucy!”

This client had a request to reach a very specific target audience, this has been successfully achieved, and as a result her client base continues to grow and her business thrive

“Lucy has worked tirelessly helping me build, grow, promote my new line within my business. She has been honest with her thoughts and given me her feedback, she has put hours of work in to help it grow from just an idea to almost being there. She is very professional in her approach and work ethic. I can highly recommend Lucy with any business looking for social media, and promotional advice.”

Engagement on social media has increased by 300% since February 2019, which has led to an increase in sales online and offline

We are an outdoor leisure park and we feel social media is definitely the way forward for our small business. Lucy has assisted us greatly with this and feedback has been excellent. We highly recommend her.”

Engagement increased by 174% in the first month with LK Digital Marketing

“Just to say how pleased we are with the services supplied by LK Digital Marketing for the help in setting up a Facebook business page and also supplied us with a social media guide which has been very helpful and support over the phone if needed.”

This client had no existing social media profile but now has a steadily increasing number of active followers and significant engagement which has enhanced their profile

“Thank you Lucy for the hard work and being very helpful.
You are kind and encouraging person. Working with you makes my life and work much easier.
You manage my social media very well, always bring new ideas and advice. You are also kind enough to go the extra mile with other things like cards, leaflets, logo, posts, signs …………
I am very grateful that we work together.
Thank you again and best of luck
Yours sincerely,
Dr G”
This client wanted to increase brand awareness and to increase his following on social media. We achieved this by having a consistent social media presence.