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  • Is social media a source of stress, or just not working for you? Read more.
  • Are you so busy juggling admin, assessments, therapy, travelling to clinics/tribunals, and organising your team, that you don’t have time for anything else? Read more.
  • Do you need someone with experience in the therapy industry who understands the terminology and remit of your business? Read more.
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My Story

I started my career in 2014 as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), graduating from City, University of London. I went onto work in a SLT setting working with a variety of clients and team working. I loved it, but unfortunately a period of ill-health forced a re-think and subsequently a change of career. After a period of study, I qualified as a Certified Professional in Digital Marketing, conceived and developed a plan for self-employment and founded LK Digital Marketing.


LK Digital Marketing offers a free initial consultation, a range of social media management packages for your business or practice. We offer bespoke packages, tailored to suit the individual needs of your business. Additionally, we offer tutorials for individuals who prefer to manage their own social media


LK Digital Marketing have put together a list of frequently asked questions…

This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome any other queries or concerns that may arise.

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Read some of our testimonials

We’re really proud to have worked with a range of clients across the UK

Lucy has worked tirelessly helping me build, grow, promote my new line within my business. She has been honest with her thoughts and given me her feedback, she has put hours of work in to help it grow from just an idea to almost being there. She is very professional in her approach and work ethic. I can highly recommend Lucy with any business looking for social media, web design and promotional advice”

Engagement on social media has increased by 300% since February 2019, which has led to an increase in sales online and offline

“Working with Lucy has been a breath of fresh air – I literally feel that I can breathe again! Running my own business, seeing clients, doing my own social media left me no down time – which was the point of setting up my own business, ironically!

Lucy has given me time back, where I would spend evenings posting and commenting on social media, I have that time to read a book, take a walk – she’s given me my work/life balance back.

Lucy is professional, intuitive and I have total confidence in her to manage my social media and present my business as I want it to be.

I would highly recommend Lucy!”

This client had a request to reach a very specific target audience, this has been successfully achieved, and as a result her client base continues to grow and her business thrive

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