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Survive the Coronavirus outbreak with digital marketing

Written by Lucy Kemish

How exactly do you survive in the current climate? I’m just about finding my feet with how to run my own business and juggle everything that needs to be done, along with steadily marketing myself, to increase my reach to clients. Then, this disease, the Coronavirus, that we know very little about, puts small businesses just like yours and mine at risk. Scary right? But we can use social media marketing to try and limit the damage.

The power of social media

Love it or hate it social media is a big part of business and although there has been a fair amount of negativity on social media recently, it’s important to remember it can also create positive experiences such as building your brand, showing what products/services you have to offer, and it allows us to respond to messages quickly. Not forgetting that technology allows us to hold meetings/consultations virtually.

So, with that in mind…

We know using social media marketing is more important than ever before for small businesses. Showcasing your products and services to the world (maybe I’m exaggerating a little, start with showing them to your target audience). Lots of people are working from home and are perhaps more likely to have time to browse the internet. After all, we are in ‘lockdown’. 

Why digital marketing matters now more than ever

Having a digital presence is increasingly important, especially when people cannot see you face to face, or visit your shop. It’s your digital marketing that sells your products or services and of course for therapists, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to provide assessment, therapy and training via online platforms due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Top Tip:

Please don’t neglect your social media marketing during this time, make the most of the time you have to develop it, improve your social media appearance, maybe you have wanted to re-brand for a while, or you have wanted to put photos of your products on, but haven’t had the time. Well, now’s your chance! Show off your brands personality, show your audience how you stand out from the crowd and that they really need you.

5 ways I can help your business with social media marketing during this time:

  1. I offer free consultations to businesses to answer any questions you have about social media marketing for small businesses. Consultations are via telecommunications, this means that you don’t have to move from your home!
  2. I’m starting to plan a series of YouTube clips, let me know what you want to see? Who can say no to a free tutorial?
  3. I encourage you to network with others online, find out where your audience is and post content they want to see. If I see a post that I think is helpful to you, I’ll share it with you.
  4. I highly recommend holding meetings/consultations via technology such as Zoom, it really is a brilliant platform.
  5. It’s a scary time for everyone, we need to support each other. Engage with local businesses, give shout outs, promote smaller businesses to a wider audience. Now is the time to write the recommendations you’ve been wanting to write.

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation, I’ll try my best to answer any digital or social media marketing questions.